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Purchasing a keyboard protector is essential to prevent dust around in-betweens of the keys. It can also protect the inside of the keys from spills and other liquid stuff that can harm the inside if it gets in. You can really say much if you will look into only one angle about how important or useful a keyboard cover is but let me show you 3 best keyboard covers you can count on for your mac book pinkcoverkeys..

IVEA Macbook keyboard Silicone skin cover for New Macbook – PINK. I really love this cutie pink keyboard cover! This trendy fad keyboard is every girl’s must-have. It does not only protect the keys from dirt and spills but it is a fashion itself. The silicone skin fits in perfectly in each keys. You wouldn’t actually feel there is something different in there while typing. Another nice product from Ivea.

tealkeyboardcoverTopCase® Solid TEAL Keyboard Silicone Cover Skin for Macbook 13″ Unibody / Macbook Pro 13″ 15″ 17″ with or without Retina Display + TOPCASE® Logo Mouse Pad. This keyboard cover from TopCase® fits all macbook unibody 13” and macbook pro with or without retina display and wireless keyboard. The silicone is molded individually into each keys giving the keys perfect protection. It i as well protects the keys from spills, it prevents the keys from wearing out overtime, it is designed to make your typing easy. It has the highest quality manufactured with design and perfect innovation to give what you really want for ina keyboard cover.

circlekeyboardcoverKuzy – Circles Purple Keyboard Silicone Cover Skin for Macbook / Macbook Pro 13 15 17 Aluminum Unibody. I am so attracted with Kuzy’s High elastic silicone. Its design is professionally printed you will really go crazy over the circle design much like modern design and colors. It is washable, and easy to remove. Gear up your macbook with this fashion keyboard cover! With ultimate eye catching design you will really love. Man testimonials have proven the satisfied buyers. They said it is a perfect product, super durable, and the alignment of the letters are so perfect you will really think it is already part of the keyboard. Purple colors and circles are just so cute to handle. You will definitely love this for sure!

Keyboard covers nowadays doesn’t only give protection but they also give your macbook a style and a chic package. It gives spark and brightens your mood every time you use it. It is an ultimate fashion idea that you will never afford to ignore!




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