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Laser Keyboard iPhone

Laser Keyboard iPhone Case

Celluon’s  Prodigy iPhone Case Announced!

Now you can integrate a laser keyboard with an iPhone! Why would you need this, well some people have fat fingers, bad eyesight or are slow typists on the small keypads. Whatever the reason may be, the laser projection keyboard is the perfect solution.

Are you an iPhone lover who likes to type while traveling in the car, on the plane or even get work done while working at a remote location? Just get the Bluetooth compatible laser keyboard and you can be set up with a full desktop sizes keyboard on any flat surface. iPhone cases, such as Celluon’s Prodigy iPhone case will be available to customers soon!

Laser Keyboard iPad

Laser Keyboard for iPad

If you plan on using this laser keyboard with your iPhone or other smart phone, the we highly recommend also adding on an iPhone stand to your mobile workstation. There are many fun options that will not take up much space and even enhance your screen visibility.

You can also use the Magic Cube laser projection keyboard and its Bluetooth feature with your iPad or tablet device. There are many iPad stands that will turn it into a mini monitor with a unique keyboard that can go almost anywhere.

There is currently one laser keyboard iPhone case available created  by Celluon, the Prodigy iPhone case is expected to launch soon!

prodigy iPhone Case

Celluon's Prodigy iPhone Case

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