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flexible roll up keyboardWhy a roll up keyboard instead of a standard touch screen?

With the tremendous rise in the use of smart phones all over the world, we have become more dependent on the extensive use of touchscreen tablets. There are several popular brands that have come up with their own versions of touchscreen tablets. Popular companies, such as Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc. have produced some of the unique tablets which we now use extensively on a daily basis.

However, there is still one big issue with these touchscreen tablets and that is inconvenience to type on the screen. Due to the small size of the in-built touchscreen keyboard, I used to face difficulties in typing correctly and quickly. Most tablets still lack greatly when it comes to faster and error free typing on the screen. This is where flexible roll up keyboard comes to rescue me from this situation. Let us find out how this flexible keyboard helped me to solve my touchscreen tablet typing issue quickly.

Benefits of using flexible roll up keyboard for the tablets

  1. Faster typing with higher accuracy! All of the virtual keyboards which I use on the tablet devices such as iPad and iPhone, provide very little opportunity to improve my typing speed. Typing with the help of virtual keyboards on these tablets also tend to increase my chances of typing mistakes and it always takes longer time to type the letters on such type of keyboard. In this case, flexible roll up keyboard saved me tremendous amount of time by increasing my speed of typing and minimizing my typing errors. Thus these flexible keyboards provide faster typing speed, higher accuracy of typing and smooth keyboard typing experience for me.
  2. Roll Up Keyboard.Ease of use and highly portable! These roll-up keyboards are usually extremely lightweight, flexible as well as washable in nature.  They are mainly made up of higher quality silicon material which is also very lightweight. This Glow Roll Up Keyboard can even be used in the dark! It can also be easily connected with all types of desktop computers, laptops, Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad and many other tablet devices. With the help of Bluetooth technology, it can be instantly connected with all the above devices in few seconds and can be used easily without any hassles.
  3. Higher battery life and longer wireless range! These types of Bluetooth flexible keyboards have usually longer battery life. Some roll up keyboards, such as Scosche Free Key, can be used up to 60 hours on a charge and the charged battery can last up to 30 days in a standby mode. The wireless range for such flexible roll up keyboards is also up to 30 feet which makes them very convenient to use.

The flexible roll up keyboard is the perfect gift for the technology lover or business professional on the go. Click the links or images or links about to get the special Laser Keyboard discount on the roll up keyboard.

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